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Returning June 2019
Boston, MA

About Event

Uniting The Entire Highly Potent Drug Development Value Chain
– From Bench To Point Of Outsource

Returning for the 8th year, the HPAPI Summit will unite process chemists and engineers, EHS, IH and toxicology professionals, and strategic outsourcing and procurement leaders alike, presenting a unique opportunity to gain clarity on how you can enhance every stage of your potent compound development strategy.

This year’s agenda is packed with new content and fresh perspectives –  over 75% of the speakers are new for this year.

Here are some key focus areas from the new program:

1. Explore Unique Potent Compound Case Studies

Gain insights into a range of novel potent compounds and understand the specific containment and developmental challenges they pose. Learn how Biogen have mitigated risks of exposure to powder and vapour when working with a potent compound that sublimes, as well as Tarveda Therapeutics who will discuss the sustained release of potent payloads achieved using their miniature drug conjugate technology.

2. Learn From Realistic Containment Cost Assessments

Arm yourself with the insights required to answer the question: ‘How much containment is enough?’ Investigate how Mylan have explored the possibilities of controlling old processing equipment to deal with new challenges, as well as how ILC Dover’s flexible solutions can reduce capital costs and provide ongoing savings by eliminating cleaning requirements.

3. Establish Robust Internal Manufacturing & Outsourcing Practices

Learn from the first-hand experiences of experts working with potent compounds at bench scale through scale-up to making decisions on outsourcing for commercial scale manufacturing. Investigate how Boehringer Ingelheim ensure GMP and worker safety aspects of manufacturing are compliant, and how Merck assess CMOs to ensure external manufacturing is safe and efficient.

“I think this meeting is particularly useful in keeping abreast of EH&S and containment
trends in the industry. I also found it interesting to learn how other innovator companies
manage their HPAPI CMOs.”
Neil Faiber, Outsourcing Manager, Takeda