June 2018,
Boston, US


About Event

The 7th Annual HPAPI Summit will enable you to develop HPAPIs more efficiently, safely and cost-effectively than ever before. Whether you are involved in process development, scale up, occupational safety or outsourcing, this meeting will provide you with a wealth of actionable insights.

It’s clear that significant organizational siloes exist within the HPAPI value chain, preventing the establishment of safe and effective practices early on in development. In order to combat this, this meeting will unite stakeholders at every stage of the value chain, breaking down these siloes and presenting you with a comprehensive insight into the development of potent compounds.

Agenda Highlights:

  1. Technical Focus

Gain the technical expertise of process and analytical chemists working on overcoming early process development, scale up and technology transfer challenges encountered in the early stages of potent compound development.

“I think the focus of this meeting is extremely important for the pharmaceutical industry as an expanding number of companies are developing drugs of higher potency. This conference can serve as both an incubator and catalyst to educate and harmonize across the industry.”

Wendel Doubleday, Director Process Chemistry, Seattle Genetics

  1. Safety Focus

Enhance the safety procedures you employ by engaging and learning from EHS and Occupational Toxicology experts from the leading biopharma companies in the HPAPI field. Whatever the size of your organization, from large pharma to small biotech, investigate how optimum safety standards can be established and maintained.

“[Vertex’s] Jacqui Van Sipe’s presentation seemed to be an honest and informative take on the issues that R&D has with OELs, banding, and hazard information sharing… [Merck’s} Theresa Lane’s presentation banding in early development compounds based on structures and classes will give some teeth to a practice that had been widely used.”

Michael Naughton, Senior Manager EHS, Aginomoto Althea

  1. Sourcing Focus

Successfully identify and manage interactions with CMOs by learning directly from leaders in the outsourcing field. Discover strategies to facilitate effective technology transfer and maintain efficiency and containment throughout the outsourcing process.

“I think this meeting is particularly useful in keeping abreast of EH&S and containment trends in the industry. I also found it interesting to learn how other innovator companies manage their HPAPI CMOs.”

Neil Faiber, Outsourcing Manager, Takeda