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Returning June 2019
Boston, MA

Who Attends?

Improving Industry Harmonization Throughout The Value Chain

Evidently, there is a lack of communication and alignment between key members of the HPAPI development chain, causing inefficiencies and hampering the progress of the field. In order to combat this, we will bring together the perspectives of stakeholders at every stage in the production of HPAPIs, breaking down these siloes and allowing you to gain a comprehensive insight into the development of potent compounds.

Interactive sessions built into the main agenda provide extensive opportunities for cross-functional collaboration. Whether you are approaching this field as a large or small drug developer, CMO or containment company, this event will enable you to benchmark your progress and critically evaluate your approach to dealing with highly potent compounds. Leave the event with actionable insights that will drive efficiency, guarantee safety and ensure cost-effectiveness in all of your HPAPI development programs.

Attendees Expected From Every Stage Of Development:

Previous Attendees Include: