HPAPI Awards Ceremony

To celebrate 10 years of the HPAPI Summit, we will be hosting the first HPAPI Awards on Wednesday, June 23.

The HPAPI Awards exist to commend excellence within the Highly Potent API Industry. It is a privilege to acknowledge those who push the boundaries, dedicating their careers and companies to the pursuit of ensuring quality HPAPI products reach patients, whilst protecting operator safety.

The HPAPI Awards recognize that innovation, leadership, and Partnership on a global platform. Across six categories the Awards will showcase the teamwork and commercial acumen that has propelled the field forward.

Categories Include:

  • Best New Technology or API Product
  • Best Equipment Provider
  • Best New HPAPI Facility
  • Best Employee Training
  • Best CMO/CDMO Partner
  • Long Standing Contribution to the Field 

Have your say and nominate your winner to the above categories below:

Award FAQs

If you can't find the answers your looking for below, get in contact with us on info@hansonwade.com