Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Tuesday, June 25


Leveraging Lab-Scale R&D Data to Model HPAPI Risk Exposure &
Inform Process Safety Decision Making
1:30pm – 4:00pm

With increasingly complex drugs entering pipelines, there is often limited data when designing initial exposure plans and considering facility design. Understanding how to rapidly develop robust, cost-effective safety practices based on this data will be critical for development timelines.

Unlock these insights in this hands-on workshop, where we will delve into case studies and example data sets to gain practical strategies:

  • Understand how computational fluid dynamics can be used to look at movement of particles in a handling space (whether process, manufacturing, lab, or within a containment vessel)
  • Leveraging in silico examples where high potency work can be performed, and recommendations at how to set-up a simulation and best software to use
  • Exploring post-processing of data to show how to estimate risk of exposure and flow of material across a space.

Workshop Leaders:

Photo of David Johnson

David Johnson 
Associate Principal Scientist
Merck & Co.

Photo of Nancy McClellan

Nancy McClellan
Principal Industrial Hygiene Expert & CEO
Occupational Health Management, Inc.