De-Risking Highly Potent APIs & Hazardous New Modalities

Marry Next Generation Formulation, Process Development & Manufacturing with World-Leading EHS & Toxicology for Safety & Product Quality

Just Some of the Engaging Sessions from 2022

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On GMP Inspection Excellence for Highly Potent API Manufacturing, Introduction to WHO Prequalification Programme (PQP) and inspections of pharmaceutical manufacturers for WHO PQP.

On Creating and Utilizing an Interactive Virtual Reality Environment in the Facility Design of the Future for High Potent APIs& on the Classification and Hazard Assessment of New Modalities, ADCs & PDCs.

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On Evaluating Risk Curves in Pharma for Product Quality, Extractables & Leachables in HPAPI, and the Integration of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies in Small Molecule High Potent Drug Production.


On Tech Transfer and Scale-up of Potent Drug-Linkers and ADCs, Contrasting Internal vs External Manufacturing.

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On the challenges of Nitrosamine impurities and case study on analytical approaches for risk assessment.


Snapshot of 2022's Attending Organizations:

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