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Are You Front of Mind When Pharma and Biotech Outsource Manufacturing and Procurement Decisions?

Our market research showed that a trustworthy reputation is the number one metric pharma and biotech use to choose their HPAPI partners, greatly outweighing cost competitivity.

Our Partners joined up with the largest and longest standing end-user led highly potent meeting to position your organization as a reliable thought leading solution provider in this increasingly competitive landscape.

We united those with the buying power including; heads of CMC and outsourcing, with the scientists and engineers on the ground scouting the best equipment and services to advance their HPAPI pipeline.

With pharma pipelines continuing to increase in potency, and the production hazards of new modalities are coming to light, HPAPI continues to be a core priority for large pharma and biotech alike. However, they are searching for support.

Through our bespoke partnership options, we helped our Partners become HPAPI influencers and thought leaders by sharing the stage with our industry experts, and personal networking opportunities.

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Companies Who Have Been Supporting Us
Over the Last 10 Years

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