Thank you to our speakers, sponsors, and delegates who joined us in Philadelphia for the summit!
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 From Lab to Commercial Scale: Advance Novel Technologies in Contained Environments for Cost Efficiency, Product Quality Control & Scientist Safety

Are your current process development and industrial hygiene strategies holding back your highly potent pipeline?

With a flood of recently approved ADCs and new modalities emerging, there is an increasing number of highly potent drugs being fast-tracked through pharma and biotech pipelines.

Now is the time to ensure effective, scalable, and novel process development strategies are implemented from bench to bedside and ensure that partners are appropriately validated.

The Process Development for Highly Potent Drugs Summit: 12th HPAPI was the forum for you to learn about novel technologies and strategies to revolutionize your process development for highly potent drugs.

Attendees took advantage of:

  • 3 days of content packed with 15+ case studies
  • 3 deep-dive workshops into the next frontier of highly potent manufacturing: process-specific analysis, continuous manufacturing, and bench-scale automation
  • 8+ hours of networking with 100+ process scientists, CMC leaders, and industrial hygienists, including a complementary drinks reception

Our audience left Philadelphia armed with practical insights to implement safe, cost efficient, and quality development of hazardous APIs.

A Snapshot of the Engaging Sessions From 2023:

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On examining the viability of process-specific analysis replacing control banding to avoid over-engineering and maximize cost-effectiveness

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On the potential of continuous manufacturing and PAT as a resolution for highly potent containment challenges to improve safety


On how a robust commercial manufacturing process for a high potency ADC linker payload was developed to short timelines

Molecular Templates, Inc

On engineering early process design to facilitate technology transfer and accelerate the route to market

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Screenshot 2023-02-07 091609 (2)

On validating CDMOs to build the business case for outsourcing manufacturing