Ensuring Safe Handling, GMP Compliance & Cost-Effectiveness of Highly Potent & Cytotoxic Drugs Manufacturing

From Process Safety to Rapid Scale-Up to Tech Transfer: Integrating Process Development, Industrial Hygiene & Equipment Selection to Achieve GMP Manufacturing of
Novel High Potent Drug Compounds

The wave of novel, cytotoxic modalities securing early success and approvals is cementing the growth of highly potent drugs market to reach USD$40.7bn by 2023.

Pressure is mounting on biotechs, pharma, CDMOs, and equipment providers to evolve industrial hygiene, process engineering and manufacturing capabilities to ensure safe handling and effective scale-up to achieve commercial GMP manufacturing.

The 13th HPAPI: Process Development for Highly Potent Drugs Summit is your definitive community to evaluate efficient high potent compounds synthesis, adoption of innovative technology platforms and occupational safety best practice.

This is your flagship summit, enduring for 13+ years to expedite clinical and commercial manufacturing of novel highly potent drugs. Take advantage of 3-days of end-to-end content catering to all internal stakeholders to explore novel technologies, optimize process development, mitigate cross-contamination and implement bullet-proof risk assessment of occupational exposure.

Join 130+ experts across CMC, Process Engineering, Industrial Hygiene Leaders from Merck, Gilead, Eli Lilly in June to supercharge cost-effective, GMP compliant scale-up of cytotoxic, highly potent drugs with safety in mind!

Ready to Chat?

Are you ready to talk about your participation in this year's 13th HPAPI: Process Development for Highly Potent Drugs?

Schedule a call with Silmara who will guide you through the registration process and answer any of your burning questions about the event.

We are keen to hear how you can be a part of our community, and how this meeting can help elevate your practices this year.

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