Esther Radaha

Esther Radaha

Company: Seagen/Pfizer

Job title: Scientist


Roundtable Discussion: Tightening Industrial Hygiene, EHS & Process Development Collaborations for an Effective, Safe Scale-up of Novel Potent & Cytotoxic Compound Combining Biologics and Small Molecules 10:00 am

• Getting it right first time: internal stakeholders’ involvement during early development for cytotoxic and potent compounds to evaluate process requirement • Selecting right partners and equipment ready for scale-up • Leverage novel technologies to maximize API yield in contained environments • Designing Multi-modality suites to enable manufacturing, facility design and equipment procurement strategies to…Read more

day: Day Two

Adapting ADC Process Manufacturing & Design Process to Enhance Scalability 11:45 am

• Translating well-established small-scale manufacturing and occupational safety best practice during upscaling • Predicting formulation behavior during upscaling and how to creatively address challenges that arise • Evaluating safety procedure modification during upscaling to improve operator safetyRead more

day: Day One

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